Collectors Love U.S. Presidents

Collectors Love U.S. Presidents

To Die For Collectibles maintains a sizable inventory of Presidential memorabilia and generally lists multiple Presidential collectibles on the web site.

TDF Collectibles is hardly alone in its commitment to providing quality Presidential collectibles. Collectors demand for Presidential collectibles is unceasing and, if anything, growing.

Why do collectors and dealers have a love affair with Presidential memorabilia?  Let’s review why Presidential collectibles are “can’t miss,” likely to increase significantly in value over time, and highly prized and appreciated by collectors, even those who collect for fun, rather than profit.

The supply of most Presidential collectibles is limited, as only 46 Americans have ever served in that office, starting with George Washington in 1792 and leading up to Joseph R. Biden, the current United States President.  Simply put, a club that small defines the term “limited supply.”  Remember, monetary value and, to a great extent, appreciation of a collectible is wholly dependent on demand far exceeding supply.  Presidential items are the ultimate “short supply” collectible.

The President is the leader of the free worldDemand for Presidential memorabilia is a global phenomenon, not confined to the United States.  Consider, even today, how many airports, schools, civic buildings, and parks are named after President John F. Kennedy – outside of the United States.

Most Presidents are inextricably linked to bellwether historical events.  For instance, Abraham Lincoln ended the bloody Civil War and freed slaves.  Kennedy declared that the U.S. would land on the moon by the end of the 1960’s.  Franklin Roosevelt was America’s War President.  Truman authorized the use of atomic weapons.  Nixon established diplomatic relations with China (and resigned in disgrace after Watergate.)  And the list goes on.  Presidents help us to mark time and recall the passage of life, much the same as music and songs.

Presidents are renowned not just for their monumental successes, but catastrophic failures, as well.  That is, infamous Presidents – think of Nixon resigning in disgrace – are collected because of their historic blunders.

Memorabilia from obscure Presidents often command the highest prices.  It is precisely because of President Franklin Pierce’s relative anonymity and insignificance that his signature commands premium prices.

Presidential memorabilia never falls out of favor because of the great power and influence of the President of the United States.  In the vastness of world history, Presidents are much more than a footnote; they are nothing if not consequential.

Many collectors become collecting “groupies,” major fans or supporters of Presidents willing to go to great lengths to build a collection of one or two Presidents.  For instance, To Die For Collectibles believes that President Dwight David Eisenhower is vastly underrated and underappreciated and.  With the passage of time, he will be considered one of the greatest ever.  Consider, Eisenhower not only served as Supreme Allied Commander during World War II, but guided the U.S. through the Cold War, racial integration (Little Rock), the threat of communist Cuba, and the challenging post-World War II economy as the 34th President.  Accordingly, TDF has assembled and will be presenting for sale in the coming months a priceless collection of Eisenhower memorabilia.

To Die For Collectibles offers many valued pieces of Presidential memorabilia, including original campaign buttons, books, bumper stickers, and more.  But TDF also works with our exclusive framing company, Colorado Frame Company, to provide presentation-quality Presidential exhibits.  At Colorado Frame Company, Leslie and Tim work with us to design framed Presidential exhibits which are visually arresting, preserve the memorabilia, and present a theme unique to the President and the memorabilia.  Yes, TDF Collectibles has a commercial stake in these framed exhibits.  But we are also proud to offer them and feel a sense of pride in the United States when we bring these items to market.  In other words, Presidential memorabilia puts a smile on the collective faces of To Die For Collectibles and its customers.

The Bottom Line

There are no “sure things” when it comes to collecting.  But Presidential memorabilia might come the closest to earning that title.  Give Presidential collectibles a good look.  As our 16th President, universally acknowledged as the greatest of all Presidents, Abraham Lincoln once said, “Leave nothing for tomorrow what can be done today.”

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