Flying Beneath The Collecting Radar

Flying Beneath The Collecting Radar

We all know about those categories that the staff of To Die For Collectibles refer to as “The Big Three.”  These are the categories of collectibles that occasionally make the headlines, are widely collected, appealing to a very large market, and substantially appreciate over the long-term:

  • Coins – Despite an ever-increasing supply over time as more coins are minted, the huge collector base, precious metals content and society’s infatuation with money stamp coins as a “must have.”
  • Trading Cards – Ditto the comments for “Coins” above.  Countries around the globe love sports and sports heroes.
  • Art – From grand masters whose paintings sell for millions to framed art, in general, the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of art stamp it as a winner.

However, there are many other categories of collectibles which are solid investments, soaring in popularity, or which will appreciate over time due to a limited supply squared against soaring demand.  At To Die For Collectibles, we offer sixteen categories of collectibles, helping us to appeal to a wide cross-section of collectors, and featuring many hidden gems which discerning collectors will snap up to diversify their collecting portfolio over time, leading to solid long-term returns on investment.  So, what are collectibles that fly beneath the radar, but are well worth collecting?

Action Heroes: Most action figures are produced for a very limited time, limiting supply.  Plus, the market for action figures is universal, with anyone from kids to senior citizens, men and women, and markets around the world collecting.   Combine limited supply with enormous demand, and action figures are treasured collectibles.

Programs: Look around at the next sports event, concert, or theater performance you attend, and you’ll notice that programs are increasingly rare.  Younger consumers don’t purchase programs at events, since they access most information digitally.  So, the supply is static.  But programs have widespread appeal – years later – based on the event and the athletes or performers featured within the program.  One blockbuster, superstar name can drive a program price to the heavens.

Political/Sports Buttons & Bumper Stickers: Vintage material is growing in value because many buttons and bumper stickers are tossed out or damaged over time.  Presidential campaign material has worldwide appeal.

Sports Cards Graded “5” Or Lower: Yes, high-grade sports cards are more valuable, and see greater appreciation over time.  But they can be very expensive.  Most cards aren’t “10’s.”  The vast majority of vintage cards grade “5” or lower.  But lower cards are still very presentable and valued, as it takes a very discerning expert eye to see the flaws.  We routinely see cards that grade out at “1” or “2,” but still look great.  Would you rather spend a tidy sum for one high-grade card, or buy a bevy of lower graded cards, still looking good to the naked eye, to fill out your collection?   At To Die For Collectibles, we recommend both strategies to our clients, to diversify their card portfolios and maximize return on investment.

Tickets & Ticket Stubs: Like programs, many sports events and concerts no longer use paper tickets.  In this digital world, tickets simply aren’t required, just a smartphone.  Ticket stubs from the 1950’s through 2010 are in limited supply, because most event-goers don’t keep their ticket stubs, and unused tickets are even harder to find (but more valuable).  What drives value in tickets?  The team or performer, the date, the condition, and even the aesthetic appeal.  At TDF Collectibles, we offer tickets and ticket stubs that satisfy these value checkoffs.  Some premium tickets deliver on all four of these value drivers.

Books: Once upon a time, Kindle was supposed to bring about the decline and eventual death of books.  It never happened.  Physical books are still widely bought and read, easily topping Kindle.  Building a library, including vintage books, is not only profitable, but fun!

The Bottom Line

Think of the collecting world as a smorgasbord, offering a wide variety of menu items to be savored.  Remember the old saying, “Variety is the spice of life.”  When it comes to collecting, truer words were never spoken.

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