The ABC’s Of Framing: When & How to Frame Collectibles

The ABC’s Of Framing: When & How to Frame Collectibles

Not every collectible needs to – or should – be framed.  At To Die For Collectibles, we believe that framing enhances the value and collectability of some items.  Accordingly, we offer a variety of framed items across several collectibles categories.   But most of our collectibles are unframed.   Based upon our many years of collecting, both for business and pleasure, here is our guidance on when, and how, to frame valued items from your collection.

When To Frame

There are four main considerations when considering whether to frame a collectible.

Is An Item Frameable? –  That is, some items can’t be fitted into a frame, or won’t be aesthetically appealing when framed.  Imagine a shadow-box frame of a basketball or football.  It would look, well, just plain silly.  In that example, an acrylic display case is a much better option.  Generally, flat items benefit most from framing, while items that are three-dimensional, do not.  Framing a three-dimensional item in a shadow-box frame is also prohibitively expensive.

Preserving An Item – Framing often helps to preserve items, particularly older paper and cardboard collectibles, such as posters, autographed pictures, tickets, and programs.  Choosing museum-quality glass or UV-protected glass will prevent damage and aging.   A frame will also prevent careless handling of collectibles.  Remember cleaning up after a high school party at your parents’ house?  Inevitably, something was damaged or missing.  To paraphrase, idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and the collector’s nightmare.

Presentation – When framed, a collectible becomes part of the household décor, a style statement, an expression of personality.  Also, a framed item is aesthetically appealing and can be enjoyed by more friends, family, and acquaintances than a collectible stored in a closet, basement, or storage unit.

Damage While Framing – The way an item is framed, i.e., with glue adhesive or, in the case of jerseys, sewing, can damage and destroy value.  Personally, I prefer to handle, touch or wear sports jerseys.  However, framing my high school football jersey, which, ah, no longer fits, is on my “To Do List” for 2022.

How To Frame

Here, TDF Collectibles’ guidance is short, sweet and to-the-point.  Don’t frame items yourself with store-bought frames.  Hire a professional framing shop!

We work exclusively with Leslie of Colorado Frame Company in Highlands Ranch, CO.  She is a true artist who is dedicated and detail-oriented and considers presentation, design, materials, matting and the maximization of aesthetic appeal.  Undoubtedly, you can seek out and find someone like Leslie in your area.  Check recommendations, test the quality and professionalism by starting with a somewhat inexpensive collectible, and make sure that you can discuss how your item will be framed before you commission the framing.  Communication is key.

The Bottom Line

Don’t fret the cost and effort to frame specific items in your collection.  Be judicious and reasoned in choosing which collectibles to frame – not everything is frameable!

As for the cost?  Framing is an investment.  It can increase the monetary value of collectibles.  Done right, framing will enhance the beauty of your abode and will provide an outlet for self-expression.  After all, you are what you frame.

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